But now to the most interesting point:
How to play a Steel Tongue Drum?

To make the steel tongues vibrate and thus elicit a sound, the steel tongues are struck with the fingers or a rubber mallet.

The sound of Steel Tongue Drums in terms of articulation features a soft attack and long sustain with a reverb-like characteristic. The dynamic range reaches from very quiet to loud without creating any inharmonious overtones. Depending on the intended use, different playing techniques are possible:

If you want to create a soothing and relaxing mood to put yourself and your listeners in a meditative state, simply strike the tongues quickly and briefly with your fingers (as if you were testing whether the stove top is hot).

Bass tones can be produced by striking with the fist, percussive sound is produced by tapping with the finger bones.

It is also possible to combine the Steel Tongue Drum with other sound healing instruments, like Singing Bowls or Tuning Forks, because with their help the therapy session can be revalued and intensified to great extent. Setting the mood and achieving a state of total relaxation before a Singing Bowl or Tuning Fork session and maintaining this state throughout can be accomplished by playing the Steel Tongue Drum before and concurrently.

In most cases the Steel Tongue Drum is played while sitting. It can simply be placed in front of you on the table or your lap. A nice side effect: The pyhsical vibration of the instrument gives a soothing massage. If you prefer to play while standing, Meinl Sonic Energy offers suitable stands.

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