Made entirely in France, the Beat Root came out in 2014 and received the website Audiofanzine’s 2015 Best Value award. This high-quality tongue drum produces a deep and captivating sound that very much resembles the hang drum. Its design is modest but well-crafted. Moreover, it is manufactured less than 10 miles away from the workshop in Besançon, France, where the company tunes it and takes cares of the finishes.

Noticed by Yamaha at the 2015 Musikmesse Frankfurt music fair, Beat Root has since been available on the Japanese market. Furthermore, the company already distinguished itself from the competition with an electro-acoustic model (a tongue drum incorporating a microphone and jack plug). Additionally, in 2018, they took it a step further by producing a multi-scale model that features a simple and efficient tuning system to offer six scales!

There is no doubt that the Beat Root team will continue to make headlines, thanks to their innovative ideas, their attention to detail and affordable prices.

Different models:
After starting with the classics, the Akebono, G minor, G major and pentatonic scales in acoustic or electro-acoustic versions, Beat Root developed the electro-acoustic multi-scale tongue drum ($526).

In 2020, they launched the 432 Hz multi-scale tongue drum, which is perfect for music therapy, along with their Full Tone tongue drum, a 4-scale model most suitable for educational purposes or playing with music sheet. Both cost $526

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