Zenko® – The french Steel Tongue Drum

An original creation from the craftsmen at Metal Sounds, the Zenko offers an alternative and complementary drum to the handpan Spacedrum®. This Ssteel tongue drum (tank drum or butadrum) is available in several harmonized ranges.

Entirely produced in France, the Zenko is an intuitive instrument consisting of two stainless steel shells welded together. It is played with hands or mallets which are included with each instrument. The Zenko has a remarkable wealth of sounds and with pitch perfect tuning, it allows you to discover bewitching and meditative harmonics suitable for relaxation sessions, musical awakening and music therapy workshops.

 Since 2005, our team has specialized in the manufacture of metal instruments and in these few years, due to the quality, innovation and customer service has gained international reputation. In buying a steel tongue drum from Metal Sounds you are guaranteed to be 100% satisfied!

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