The Equinox scale is an innovative B minor scale. A G3 in the center will provide a deep bass that will serve as a pivot. 

This scale is unique in that it includes a major mode in the Key of C (with a 3rd in E), making it incredibly adaptable and used in any creative composition and/or jam session. 

Artists who are “open-minded”! The Zenko may also be played standing up

The cons can be that placing areas are small on this model, so I will recommend playing with sticks, not your hands. 

Overall, If you are a beginner, or even a teacher playing with kids and beginners and it’s okay to you to spend some more money, you won’t regret buying it.

Guda Drum

Well… Guda is something different and new on the market. This is a stunning product.

GUDA is a one-of-a-kind instrument that was formerly thought to be a cross between a tongue drum and a handpan. 

The presence of octave harmonics in the sound is provided by the complex tongue structure (the same effect has handpans, pantams, and steel pans). 

When GUDA is performed, it generates the fundamental sound plus an octave higher sound.

This is detail-oriented manufacture and they put a lot of effort into electronic and sound effects. 

Some of their products like Guda FX or OM Pickups can be internal or externally equipped. Guda Drum Freezbee is one of their best sellers.

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