The Drume Hand is a Steel Tongue Drum and is considered an incredibly entry-level package for beginners while also being suitable for more advanced players. If you’re new to the field of steel tongue drums, this drum hits just the right spot and provides exactly what you need for a tank drum without breaking the bank. The Drume Hand, also known as an handpan, is a great way to get into music without spending hours on technique exercises, musical exercises, or others.

Forget about the idea that these percussion instruments are hard to play! Drume Hand is a powerful Steel Tongue Drum with mallets and carrying case, making it easier for you to play and carry it anywhere. It also includes a music book so that you can make the most of your steel tongue drum, creating unique sounds or famous music. The best part is that it will sound the same if you play it with mallets or with your hands.

The method of production and tuning is however classified as a family of steel pulley drums due to the cut blades. The sound of each tone varies according to the slot size of the steel tongues. The ability to be tuned in a variety of different ways, such as by hand or with a tuner, gives you a wide range of tones to play and produce.

Drume Hand is a Steel Tongue Drum, which has a total of 11 notes and is, therefore, one of the most powerful and complete instruments in the world. It is frequently considered the best tongue drum for money in the maket. It is a great entry level percussion instrument, but also consider it a full-fledged instrument with a wide range of tones and a wide range of vocal possibilities. Because this tank drum has such unique features, it does not mean that it will be more expensive than your average steel tongue drum. It is easy to get overwhelmed with all the different uses you can give to the Drume Hand, but this article will help you choose between the best tank drums for you.

Overall, Drume Hand has 12 inches in diameter, 11 different notes that go through two different music scales. Refill your energy levels since it is very easy to play a variety of different music notes and relax during your meditation sessions. Drum percussion is known to help you increase your focus, and the Drume Hand is a nice pick for steel drums that offers an amazing sound quality. It sounds wonderful without any overtones of the quality of a steel tongue drum and offers you great versatility on the drum percussion family. Drume Music also has a Junior and Mini size, and currently has free worldwide shipping.

The best thing about this drum handpan is that you need little or no experience with musical instruments or knowledge to make a steel-tongue drum sound good, even on your yoga sessions. If you’re new to the tongue drum world, we have developed Drume Lessons to guide you through how to play the Drume Hand and to understand the sounds the handpan drum makes. Whether you are a professional musician, beginner, amateur or just a fan of the sound and tones of a good steel tongue drum, we have compiled a guide to help you enjoy your Drume Hand to its full potential. And you can only get it on our online shop.

Tongue drums give a sense of calm and are one of the easiest instruments to learn, and with the sonorous timbres of a good steel tongue drum you will surely have a special and profound experience. We have put the Drume Hand in the category of meditative drums, because the sound that emerges effortlessly puts you into a kind of trance – you can find this kind of tones on our other products, all of them created to healing your soul and body.

The Drume Hand is portable and is the perfect choice for you since it also brings drumsticks (also known as drum mallets). It is quite light compared to other tank drums and also the ride with it is very comfortable. This Steel Tongues Drum is a wonderful alternative to all the similar-sized handpans on the market that do not belong to the Drume Music brand.

The most important materials used in the manufacture of this product are steel, metal, and titanium alloys. Some of the most popular tongue drums on the market are handmade from steel and alloy, while some tongue drums and drums are now made by hand from various types of wood. It is really important for us to make our instruments only with natural materials.

The Steel Tongue Drum is, in contrast to the rare and expensive hanging drums, extremely hard to find and usually costs thousands of dollars. There are a few exceptions like the Drume Hand, but most of the products in the market will cost you more than $1,500. The Drume Hand usually as a retail price of $475, but you can get it today for less than $200. For its price, we can safely say that the Drume Hand is the best steel tongue drum in the world.





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