Steel tongue drums are very popular within drum circles, spiritual healing and yoga meditation. It produces calming, captivating and ethereal sounds and they are very easy to play thanks to the fixed tuning of the tongues. Even the least amount of pressure or force applied to drums bring out big sounds.You don’t need music background, just follow your heart to explore.Still hesitating? Hurry and place an order!


1.The steel tongue drum is handmade by professional craftsmen, made of Stainless Steel, and coated with protective spray paint to prevent discoloration, abrasion and scratches.
2.It helps people forget their trouble and pain, thus purify your minds and promote physical and mental health.
3.Wide Usage,The Tongue Drum can be adapted to many occasions, it can be used for personal meditation, yoga practice, Zen, music therapist, etc.
4.Padded Travel Bag,which is strong that could easily carry your drum anywhere.


Brand: Glarry

Scale: 11 Notes, C Major Scale

Material: Stainless Steel

Color: Black; Brown; Purple; Blue

Diameter: 10″ / 25cm

Height: 4″ / 10cm

Weight:3.53lbs / 1.6kg

Drumstick Length: 8.3″ / 21cm

Packing Includes:

1 x Steel Tongue Drum
1 x Pair of Mallets
1 x Mallet Bracket
1 x Music Book
1 x Padded Travel Bag
1 x Set of Picks
1 x Alternate Scale Sticker

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